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Songwriting & Lessons w/ Joe Crookston 1 hr 15 min SESSIONS

Songwriting & Lessons w/ Joe Crookston 1 hr 15 min SESSIONS

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1 HOUR & 15 Min Sessions One-on-One with Joe Crookston Via ZOOM
Ready to go on a journey where music, self-discovery, and creativity converge?

I love to teach, mentor and guide.  These are 1 hour and 15min sessions via zoom 
one on one mentor sessions, coaching & teaching. After you purchase, WE WILL SET UP A TIME via Email THAT WORKS FOR US BOTH.

My lessons are a time set aside for you.  A place where you can unlock your artistic potential and explore the depths of your personality. 

For years, my guitar has been my compass, guiding me through landscapes of melody, rhythm, and emotion.

Now, I invite you to join me via zoom, to learn, and to find your unique musical voice.  When you purchase a lesson, we will communicate via email to set the time and date that works for us both. 

Whether you’re picking up a guitar for the first time or seeking to refine your technique, my guitar & songwriting lessons are tailored to resonate with your personal rhythm and pace. My approach isn’t just about chords and scales;
it’s about storytelling, emotion, and making magic. 

My coaching goes beyond just music.

As a passionate advocate of the Enneagram, I offer a unique coaching experience that intertwines music with self-discovery.  The Enneagram is more than a personality typing system; it’s a path to understanding your inner world, your creative blocks, and your emotional language.

Imagine the transformation in your songwriting and musical expression when you start this journey of self-awareness. It’s not just about creating music;
it’s about creating a deeper connection with yourself.

And for those who feel the stirrings of a song, but don’t know how to bring it to life, my songwriting coaching might be just the thing for you.

I believe everyone has a story to tell and a song to sing. My role?

To be your collaborator, your sounding board, and your mentor.
From structuring your first verse to refining the chorus that keeps playing in your head, I’ll be there. We’ll explore themes, melodies, and lyrics, but most importantly, we’ll explore what you want to say to the world.

This is not just coaching; it’s a transformative process.
It’s about finding the harmony between your inner voice and your outward expression. Whether it’s through the strings of a guitar, the power of your pen, or the discovery of your true self through the Enneagram, this journey is about unlocking your potential.

So, are you ready to embark on this adventure? Ready to strum, write, and discover? Whether you’re an aspiring musician, a budding songwriter, or someone seeking a deeper understanding of yourself, there’s a place for you here. Let’s create, explore, and grow together. Your journey into music and self-discovery starts now. 

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